Hi! I'm Jessica.

I'm a trained graphic designer, instructional designer, and e-learning developer with a passion for creating engaging, interactive, and effective e-learning experiences.

this is a picture of me!

Master of Arts Education

πŸŽ“ E-Learning & New Media Design


πŸ–ŒοΈ Digital Art & Design

Bachelor of Science

πŸš€ Aerospace Engineering
My process

πŸ€“ Analyze

I start every project by clarifying the learning objectives and understanding the audience.

🎨 Design

Next, I create a design document outlining the content strategy, interactive elements, and graphic design scheme.

πŸ› οΈ Develop & Implement

This phase is where the building happens. I develop the project according to the design plan, code in interactivity, and implement the modules into the client's specified format.

σ €₯πŸ’― Evaluate

This phase confirms your project is effective. Whatever your learning goals, I am here to help you meet your training needs.

By combining my experience in instructional design, engineering, and visual art, I help companies create beautiful, interactive, and effective eLearning experiences using Articulate Storyline.Β 


Design is key for every product. E-learning especially benefits from the principles of good visual design to help learners have the best user experience of the training as possible. Good design can increase learner engagement and reduce confusion.


The difference between a slideshow and a true e-learning is interactivity. Interactivity can present information in a more effective way to the learner, can give the learner a chance to practice skills, and dare I say add a little fun into a course - all of which can increase the success of your course.


I earned an M.A. Education in E-Learning and New Media Design from Cal State LA so that I can put learning theory into practice. I approach each project with a systematic approach to Instructional Design and use evidence-backed learning principles and theories always with alignment to the end goal in mind.Β 


I firmly believe in increased access to education. They say education is the great equalizer, and so it lies within our power as Instructional Designers to make our courses and trainings as available to everyone as possible. I incorporate elements of Universal Design, User Experience Design, and Accessibility into my projects.

If you feel the same way - contact me today!